Davy Mellado

Photography/Design - New York City

A 2017 study showed that 52% of Americans believe in ghosts. Which means that either 160 million people are delusional or there is a conversation desperate to be had. Photography has a history of interacting with spiritual topics. In the early years of the medium, many entrepreneurs found success by using camera tricks to capture the image of passed loved ones. While a fascinating time in history, Mellado's work is an intentional detour examining the physiological assumptions and synergetic visuals of a being unbound by time and space.

Mellado grew up in a $70 million dollar megachurch in the Chicago suburbs with both parents in senior leadership. It provided an inside look into weekly large-scale artistic productions, encouraging audiences to contemplate their soul and a greater nonmaterial reality. For him the arts and the spirit world have always entangled, but fabricating or attempting to document it was never a goal. His work doesn't document what spirits looks like, but how one would think. Mellado visualizes thought processes unbound by time, accurately rationalizing internal conflicts and depression. His project topics come from daily musings alongside academic research, and the investigation the physical reactions to spiritual-related questions.

Mellado graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Colorado in Art History specializing in 20th century photography and currently works as an administrator in the arts industry.
2016 - Selected Lecturer at The Denver Art Museum: "Photography as Art: Shifting Perspectives of Peter Henry Emerson"
2016 - "Round Road" & "Smuggle" published in Riverrun academic journal for fine art
2016 - "A Futurist Present" exhibited in a Colorado Art Gallery
2015 - Winner of "My Place" Photography Competition & exhibited in Bankstown, Australia
2014 - Commissioned in Zambia for humanitarian 501(c)(3) organization
2013 - BTS Photographer for National Geographic's Drugs Inc.
2011 - Exhibited winner in "The Great Frame Up" Competition in Chicago
2008 - Winner of the Chicago Daily Herald Photography Contest
2004 - Awarded "Outstanding Achievement in the Arts" for creative photography